The Favela of Positano - Italy

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Horseshoe Falls

Lose your way in the many stunning walks through Tasmania’s extensive wilderness. This little island is brimming at the seams with diverse unspoiled environments ranging from temperate rainforest to alpine heathlands to rolling grassland. The Mount Field National Park is a popular destination to experience the state’s intense natural beauty. Highlights to the park include two breathtaking waterfalls; Russell Falls and Horseshoe Falls (pictured). 

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The National Parks #33: Shenandoah, Virginia

This is the closest National Park to where I live now and it is one of the most underrated parks. Like Great Smoky Mountains, this park protects a special section of the Appalachian Moutains. The colors here rival the southwest (when you know what you’re doing) and the overlooks are incredible. Once again, I consider these photos comparable to anyones. Photographing the eastern National Parks is hard, but a lot of fun for me.

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